V2 Shield Features

The V2 Interview Room Recording Management System records audio/video inputs in dual formats - Windows media (.wmv) and DVD (.mpg).

Depending on chassis configuration, up to four individual interview recordings can be made simultaneously. Recordings are stored in the V2 Evidence Locker, and available for immediate replay from the V2 unit itself, or with proper security authorization, on other networked PC’s through the V2 user interface.



Additionally, a separate audio only .wav recording is made to aid with audio transcription, if necessary. Up to four DVD / CD’s may be burned simultaneously. In addition to standard replay features, the user interface provides a number of advanced standard features including:


Multiple Solutions For Your Convenience
All features with V2 are standard! No extra cost!


  • Software Only Solution
  • Real-time notes
  • Bookmarking / Tagging
  • Screen Shot / Print Screen
  • Password Protection
  • Multiple DVD Burning
  • And more…
  • Turn Key Solution
  • Mirrored Hard Drives
  • 2 TB Storage
  • 4 DVD Burners
  • Network Ready
  • Install Specific Cameras
  • Platinum Plus Support…

The V2 shield software consists of two main program modules: the Interview Room and the Evidence Locker. Interviews are recorded, live-monitored and DVD’s are burned in real-time in the Interview Room. Notes can be entered by an observer during the interview. Interviews are stored and replayed, and DVD copies are made in the Evidence Locker. Notes can also be attached to interviews in the Evidence Locker module.


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